Tricky Trader

Mobile game from Antares Trade
Tricky Trader is a mobile trading game
in which you follow the character's career from a beginner specialist to a professional.
Today, the mobile games industry is several thousand times larger than adjacent markets, so we could not ignore the new trend and decided to treat all our partners with our own development.

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Why us
Advantages of the Game from Alcor
Easy and quick registration
Just come up with a username and password, enter them on the start page and click "Register"
Fascinating storyline
You begin the game as a homeless person, and in a few days, if you regularly open the game and click the necessary buttons, you can become a billionaire
Extra profit
Play mini games and receive daily cash rewards
The app is available in 4 languages (EN, RU, FR, ES)
Player rating
Participate in tournaments, become the best among the players in the winner chart, and prove your superiority to everyone
Start over
Restart the game, start it with a strong desire to win and try to break your previous record
Build your own network
You can invite other users and increase your virtual income right in the game
Succeed not only in life but also in the game with Tricky Trader
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