About the program
The Discount Profit Team Program is a marketing strategy developed by the Alcor advertising platform for CGI Finance Limited. It uses a multi-level marketing model based on a linear compensation marketing plan.

CGI Finance Limited
A company with investment programs that are tied to a specific product or service. The idea behind its creation is a legitimate process to help people anywhere in the world buy a quality item or service for a part of the price.
You get:
An opportunity to purchase a car, real estate, other goods, and services for only 19-60% of their value
Protection of your investment while you wait for the fulfillment of obligations
Bonuses for promoting the company's services and products through an affiliate program
The following programs are currently available:

CGI Device
Discounts up to 81% on phones, computers, tablets, and other popular devices with a 60-day waiting period.
CGI Home
An opportunity to buy residential property for 19-60% of its value.
CGI Auto
Buy a car at a discount from 40% and a waiting period of up to 119 days without additional encumbrances.
Program Advantages
Financial benefit
Car, real estate, and other goods and services for only 19-60% of their market price
100% guaranteed protection of your investment while you wait for the fulfillment of obligations
The main financial partners of CGI Finance Limited are the hedge funds Synex LS Corp. PTY LTD and Agnico Limited
Reward program
Alcor generously rewards its partners for promoting the services and products of CGI Finance Limited with a bonus program
How it works
A company whose product is a program that allows you to purchase services and items at a part of the price
An advertising platform, which is a provider between investors and companies offering various services
A hedge fund that multiplies CGI's profits
A hedge fund providing fiduciary services for CGI Finance Limited

Products CGI FInance Limited
CGI's products are investment programs connected to a specific product: car, real estate, various services, etc., with the fulfillment of obligations at the end of the program term.
19-60 %
Down payment
Days to wait
Number of programs available
Tariff table for all CGI Finance Limited programs
Down payment Program duration Program activation fee
60% 60 days 2%
35% 89 days 1%
19% 119 days 0%


Any Alcor partner can participate in the Discount Profit Team program and purchase goods/services at a discount. To do this, you should submit an application in your Alcor personal account, make a payment in the amount of 19-60% of the price of the chosen goods/service, and after 60–119 days, you will receive it without additional encumbrances.

You can use the calculator below to estimate the price of goods/services under CGI Finance Limited programs. Please note that they all work according to the same principle: the larger the initial payment, the shorter the waiting period.

Select a program:
Specify contribution amount and program's term:

Minimum purchase amount:  100
Maximum purchase amount:  10 000
Duration: 60
End date: 03.12.2022
Contribution:  600
Profit:  400
Yield per day: 2.78%
Yield for the working period: 166.67%
Activation: 2% /  20
Total to be received:  1 000
Terms of participation in CGI Finance Limited's programs:
1. Program selection
Select the program you are interested in in your Alcor account, decide on the price of the product/service, the percentage of the down payment, and the program duration
2. Parameter generation
Based on the selected parameters, data for your individual program will be generated for you, including the exact amount of the down payment and the program duration
3. Payment
Make a down payment in ALD through your personal account
Affiliate Program
The Discount Profit Team affiliate program is based on linear marketing up to 10 levels deep. The inviting partner receives a certain percentage of the target contribution for any of the invited partner's CGI programs. Affiliate bonuses are accrued to the inviter's Transaction Wallet on the 15th day after the invitee activates their program.
Line Reward percentage of the contribution amount
1 10%
2 6%
3 3%
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